Announcement: Gauze Rolling MachineAnnouncement:

We share our happiness with you to completed a brand new machine under the DMS Converting brand.

We have completed the Gauze Bandage Winding Cutting Machine, which we set out with the non-stop and more modern motto, by complying with the project targets. We can reach speeds of 100 m/min on a single line, which we have solved by making similar with the garbage roll winding technology.

Why need to choose DMS Converting for Gauze Rolling Machine?

As DMS Converting we implement innovative solutions to perforated machine with about 15 years engineering experience. Our company, which continues to specialize especially in Roll solutions, has implemented the following features that will make a difference for the Gauze Bandage Winding and Cutting Machine.

Unique Key Features:

  • Dancer system to provide precise tension for tension control quality

  • Non stop winding thanks to double winder and rotary body and rotary knife.

  • Perfect cutting with servo motion control rotary knife 

  • Manual Web Guide system

  • Keep Production Stats (Days, Weeks, Months, Years etc.) 

  • User Friendly panel design

Other Features:

  • Winding module has all precise servo motor system

  • Regulator control for each pneumatic system

  • Gauze finished algorithm

  • Audible and lighting warning in case starting and emergecny issues.