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Pre-Open Perforated Bag Making Machine

Model: PM-1400-T2, PM-1500-T2, PM-1600-T2
Pre-Open Bag Making Machine
This machine provides solution from roll to roll with pre-open feature. Product output can be used in for e-commerce customers and auto bag clients. 
DMS Converting - Rulo Perforeli Torba Makinesi Bolu

Why need to choose DMS Converting for Pre-Opened Perforated Bag Making Machine?

As DMS Converting we implement innovative solutions  with about 15 years engineering experience. 

Unique Key Features:

  • Compact Design.

  • Precise Tension control for high quality of seal and perforation with using two cylinder system

  • Steady Analog Inductive Sensor for Dancer system. That reduce service call rate dramatically. 

  • Keep Production Stats (Days, Weeks, Months, Years etc.) 

Other Features:

  • Unwinder motor is controller by Electronic AC Driver 

  • Winder motor is controller by Electronic AC Driver

  • Cylinder motor is controller by Servo Driven System

  • Each piston has own air regulator

  • Automatically stop in case bag finished in the unwinder side.

  • Audible and lighting warning in case starting and emergecny issues.