What is Pre-Stretch Rewinder Machine?

A pre-stretch rewinder machine is a type of equipment used in the packaging industry for preparing stretch film rolls with a pre-stretched condition. Stretch film is a widely used packaging material for wrapping and securing palletized loads during transportation or storage. The primary function of the pre-stretch rewinder machine is to take a standard roll of stretch film and mechanically stretch it before winding it onto a new core or onto the same core, creating a pre-stretched film.

Here are the key features and functions of a pre-stretch rewinder machine:

  1. Film Loading and Unloading:

    • The machine typically has mechanisms for loading and unloading stretch film rolls. This can include roll carriages or other devices that facilitate the easy replacement of film rolls.
  2. Pre-Stretching Mechanism:

    • The core function of the machine is to stretch the film before winding it onto a new roll. This can be achieved through various methods, such as using rollers that apply tension to the film as it passes through the machine. The degree of pre-stretch can often be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the packaging application.
  3. Tension Control:

    • Tension control mechanisms are essential to ensure that the film is stretched to the desired level without causing damage to the product being wrapped. These controls allow operators to adjust the tension settings based on the characteristics of the load.
  4. Core Size and Film Width Adjustment:

    • The machine may have features that allow for adjusting the core size onto which the film is wound, as well as the width of the film. This flexibility ensures that the machine can accommodate different roll specifications.
  5. Automation and Controls:

    • Many pre-stretch rewinder machines are equipped with automation features and controls. These controls enable operators to set parameters such as pre-stretch levels, film tension, and other settings. Automated features can improve efficiency and consistency in the wrapping process.
  6. Output Roll Creation:

    • The end result of the pre-stretch rewinder machine is a new roll of stretch film with increased length due to the pre-stretching process. This roll is then ready for use in wrapping palletized loads.

The advantages of using pre-stretched film include better load stability, reduced film consumption, and cost savings. By pre-stretching the film before application, less material is required to achieve the same level of load containment, making the packaging process more economical.