We must leave a better world.

DMS Converting has the vision of a future where natural resources are not depleted, ecosystems are not destroyed, the welfare of societies increases, economic growth continues, social justice is ensured and environmental balance is preserved.

DMS Converting aims to balance the economy, society and environment and aims to give a better world to future generations.

We consider sustainability in three basic points:

  1. Economic sustainability: It emphasizes the long-term sustainability of economic activities, the use of economic growth to increase social welfare, efficient use of resources, reducing income inequalities and providing economic opportunities to future generations.

  2. Social sustainability: Emphasizes a socially sustainable future, meeting people’s basic needs, equality, justice, human rights, health, education, gender equality. Social sustainability improves people’s well-being by promoting diversity, inclusion, security and social cohesion in communities.

  3. Environmental sustainability: It is aimed to use natural resources in a sustainable way, to protect ecosystems, to ensure biological diversity, to reduce environmental pollution and to address environmental problems such as climate change. It emphasizes environmental sustainability, protecting natural resources for future generations and respecting the natural balance.